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Brices Realty offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your commercial real estate needs. We specialize in property listing and marketing, ensuring maximum exposure for your property through strategic online listings and targeted marketing campaigns. Our tenant representation services cater to businesses in search of their perfect commercial space, guiding them through the process and negotiating favorable lease terms. Additionally, our investment consultation services provide expert advice and analysis to help clients make informed decisions and maximize their returns in the dynamic commercial real estate market.

Property Listing and Marketing

As a commercial real estate agent, we specialize in helping clients effectively list and market their properties. With our expertise, we craft compelling property descriptions, capture high-quality photographs, and develop targeted marketing strategies to reach potential buyers or tenants. From creating eye-catching online listings to leveraging our extensive network, we ensure maximum exposure for your property, attracting qualified leads and optimizing its market potential.


Tenant Representation

Our tenant representation services cater to businesses seeking the ideal commercial space. We work closely with tenants to understand their unique requirements and objectives, conducting thorough market research to identify suitable properties. With our guidance, clients gain access to a curated selection of available spaces, and we negotiate lease terms on their behalf, aiming to secure favorable conditions and ensure a seamless transaction. Our goal is to find the perfect space that aligns with the client's needs, budget, and long-term business strategy.


Investment Consultation

Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative endeavor, and our team specializes in providing comprehensive investment consultation services. We help clients navigate the complexities of the market, analyzing potential investment opportunities, and assessing their financial viability. With our deep understanding of market trends, property valuation, and risk assessment, we offer strategic advice to guide clients in making informed investment decisions. From identifying high-yield properties to evaluating potential returns, we are dedicated to maximizing our clients' investment portfolios and achieving long-term success.


Property Valuation and Market Analysis

Our commercial real estate agency offers expert property valuation and market analysis services to assist clients in making informed decisions. Using our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we assess the value of commercial properties by considering various factors such as location, condition, market demand, and comparable sales. Our comprehensive market analysis provides clients with valuable insights into current trends, pricing dynamics, and investment potential. Whether you're looking to sell, purchase, or lease a property, our accurate valuations and market assessments empower you to negotiate effectively and make sound financial choices in the dynamic commercial real estate landscape.


Triple Net Leasing

Triple net leasing is a specialized commercial real estate service that offers distinct advantages for both property owners and tenants. In a triple net lease, the tenant assumes responsibility for not only the base rent but also the property's operating expenses, including property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. This arrangement provides property owners with a predictable income stream while offloading the burden of property management. For tenants, triple net leasing offers long-term stability and control over the property, allowing them to customize the space to meet their specific needs. With our expertise in triple net leasing, we facilitate seamless transactions, negotiate favorable lease terms, and ensure that both parties enjoy the benefits of this mutually beneficial arrangement.

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